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Chocolate and Coffee No-Bake Cookies

No-bake cookie full of protein, chocolaty, delicious great snack for the evening, and the breakfast and treat for your all-time craving. These sorts of treats can imbue your morning with a certain level of decadence, but I find that it’s a delicate balance — too much of a good thing and, you’re setting yourself up […]

Delicious chocolate chips cookie

Less time, less ingredient but, want to eat something crispy, crunchy, and full of sweetness. Just a simple, straightforward, amazingly delicious, doughy yet still fully cooked and chocolate chip cookie that turns out perfectly every single time but the recipe you will enjoy this while and after cooking also. If you love baking, then you […]

Chewy monster cookies

These cookies became a staple of mine when I was in college and grad school, and to this day, I remember for their impossibly chewy and soft texture, and to be sure its unbeatable taste. They have a classic bakery look and taste, and the sugar content that goes along with that. Perfect combination colorful […]

Honey Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Looking for a sweet, healthy, or low fat breakfast dish?? So, the recipe is out here made it with the nutrient-rich ingredients are naturally sweetened honey and banana. But without butter, oil, or white flour, this 100% whole wheat banana bread tastes just as flavorful and moist as my regular banana bread. It’s moist, fluffy, dense, and full […]

Avocado Pesto Toast

Someday we want something delicious and different from our regular breakfast. Most people with their busy schedules like office, schools, etc. and, they always look for quick, easy, and lightweight breakfast. But this the best option for brunch is toast contains egg, veggies, and beans that make this toast yummy. We usually have a morning […]

Cranberry Orange Oatmeal using Steel-cut oats

Start your morning with a delicious healthy breakfast is the first meal that makes your whole day and keeps you motivated. It is the best for the cold or the winter season and, this is creamy, warmly, and just different and, this is full of cozy flavors. This Cranberry-Orange Steel Cut Oatmeal checks all those […]

Classic minestrone soup

We’ve all heard about this tasty Italian soup minestrone is one of the incredible it is a thick, hearty variety of vegetable soup to the addition of beans, a lot of vegetables and pasta or rice and tomato broth helps to make the soup with high consistency. If you also a fan of Italian cuisine […]

Chickpea noodle soup

We all have heard of chicken noodle soup!! But I thought of trying a vegetarian soup loaded with veggies, protein-rich chickpeas, hearty pasta & flavorful herbs. So, I choose to put some chickpea instead of chicken because a great source of protein and super yummy too.  I want to try this for a long and […]

Spicy black bean soup

These beans are rich and creamy, yet lively and full of flavor and,  Home-cooked black beans offer far more flavor than canned beans. It’s for the most part when you include the right seasonings but, you can use canned beans also. Black beans are rich in fiber and plant-based protein and, a fantastic source of […]